2. Exploration of visual expressions I find interesting. Inspired by kitsch, surrealism and eroticism, this is a mashup of sequences and stills from movies and music videos that I love.

    Footage from:

    Björk – Alarm Call, Björk – Possibly Maybe, Toilet Paper Magazine, Chanel Rouge, Lady Gaga – Born This Way, Kylie Minougue – Confide in me.  


  3. Random Pop culture research. Lady Gaga, “Applause” (2013)


  4. Found a photo from when I sold some of my animal trophy jewelry at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago!


  5. Yay!
    Today I’m selling some of my Animal Trophy Jewelry at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, NYC!
    Check out more of the collection at http://www.tabularasajewelry.com !


  6. My screen printed scarf collection “Garden of Eden” has been pre-nominated in this year’s Kolla! Awards.

    The winners will be announced in November. Fingers crossed!



  7. Personal project.
    Silk scarf collection “Garden Of Eden”, screen printed by hand. Extremely limited edition (3/3). Each scarf comes in a hand made, screen printed box. Signed and numbered. Exhibited at WOS, Hornsgatan 98, Stockholm, 2013. Sold at WOS Accessories.

  8. Complete poster collection “Five Women” for sale at WOS Store, Stockholm.

    From above: The Philosopher, The Narcissist, The Anthropologist, The Courtesan and The Ornithologist.


  9. Some art deco-inspired promotional posters I did a while ago for the boutique WOS in Stockholm, Sweden.


  10. Some better pics of the silk screen printed scarves coming up, but for now I’m posting these!


  11. Screenprinted boxes for the limited edition scarf collection I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks.


  12. New poster collection “Five Women” for sale at WOS Store, Stockholm, Sweden!


  13. Beckmans Christmas market

    Sold some posters and stuff at Beckmans Christmas market this weekend.


  14. Perfumed screen printed silk scarves

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new art project – a small collection of screen printed silk scarves inspired by 3 different famous perfumes: Miss Dior Chérie Eau de Parfum(EdP) by Christian Dior, Balenciaga Paris EdP by Balenciaga and Coco Mademoiselle EdP by Chanel.

    The illustrations on each scarf are interpretations of how each perfume is described (as to what kind of woman it is marketed towards) in its advertising campaign. I mixed in a small amount of each perfume in the screen printing paint, so that when the print later dried, the silk fabric smells of perfume.










    Heads up for today’s launch of Limititem.com, a new webshop by a group of Hyper Island-students, where I’m selling a collection of some NEW FRESH PRINTS entitled “Three muses” ! 

    CHECK IT OUT! »>Limititem.com